Step-By-Step Guide To Writing An Essay About Travelling To Paris

If you have been asked to write an essay about travelling to Paris and you haven’t been to Paris, the first thing you will need to do is go to Paris.

Presuming that you are being set this essay in the first place because you have indeed travelled to France, you may now be wanting some help with writing the paper. If so, here’s a step-by-step guide of how to go about it:

Step One: Know what to include.

This paper should be highly descriptive and written with a strong narrative voice. You need to try and get your experience down on to paper so that it can be enjoyed by another reader.

You also need to be factual and include some fascinating insights into the city. You may wish to describe the various methods available for travelling to Paris and why the chosen course was taken. You could give some historic information about the Eiffel Tower or write about the great works of art in the Louvre.

The key is to be balanced. You should give your own account of the trip coupled with facts.

Step Two: Make notes.

Begin by making notes. Jot down everything you can remember about travelling to Paris and then select the most interesting parts which go together the best. Figure out what the narrative of the paper will be; how one thing will lead into another.

Step Three: Put in some facts.

Once you have the bones of your essay you can put some meat on it. Begin with your selection of facts. If you have chosen to include information about the Eiffel Tower or the French Revolution, you should research it. Get your facts straight and know what you want to include and where it is relevant. For instance, you may have gone to a museum about the French Revolution, so you could begin by writing of your own experience before leading into the historical facts.

Step Four: Write a first draft.

Write a first draft, which should come easily now that you have the rough shape of your essay. Once you’ve finished, you’ll need to write more drafts – if you want to create a really good paper, that is! When re-reading and editing your work, you should think about things like: “Should I cut this section? Would this section be better placed earlier? Have I made myself clear here? Should this part be more descriptive? Does my own voice shine through enough?

Step Five: Polish.

The more you pay attention to details, the better your paper will be. Keep editing, whilst looking for grammar and spelling mistakes too, until you are completely happy with the finished result.