24 Unique Ideas For Your Opinion Essay On Junk Food

When you write an opinion essay, you have the chance to express your perspective and ideas and share them with everyone else. Because of this, it should not be a problem to handle this assignment. Of course, you will still have to pay attention to various compositional elements to be sure that your professor is satisfied with your work. Until then, check out these ideas and choose your topic:

  1. The history of fast-food. You can write about the most popular brands and how they started, as well as how this concept was developed.
  2. Is industrial food healthy? Some companies produce their food in factories and the final product is processed several times.
  3. Additives and chemicals. Analyze some of them and their effects on your health.
  4. Obesity. Can processed food be the reason for this?
  5. Can fast-food end world hunger?
  6. Animal cruelty. There are many rumors about the way that animals are being slaughtered by fast-food companies. Discuss about this.
  7. Diabetes and the effect of fast food.
  8. Child obesity. Why more and more children become obese? Is fast-food a reason?
  9. Smart advertisement. Many food companies use smart advertisements that make you believe that their food is healthy.
  10. Fertility. Some chemicals that are used for processed food can actually decrease the fertility. Bring scientific evidence to support your ideas.
  11. Age restriction for fast-food. Do you think this can be a good idea?
  12. The concept of “junk food”. Why do they call it like this?
  13. All about a popular food chain. You can choose any of them, just make sure that you can find enough information about it.
  14. Healthy processed food. Is there such thing? What impact can this have on the current companies?
  15. Dangers of processed food. Discuss with a doctor so you can understand better what you need to write.
  16. Growth hormones. The meat that is used in these restaurants contains growth hormones; how will this affect children and teenagers?
  17. Employment and salaries. Since fast-food restaurants are so popular, many young people can find a job and support themselves.
  18. Addiction. Many studies show that this kind of food can cause physical addiction. Explain this.
  19. Health education in schools. Only a few schools discuss with their students about healthy diets and how to maintain a balanced diet.
  20. Vegetarian fast-food. Would this solve anything?
  21. Fast food industry. Discuss about the current situation of the industry.
  22. 10 reasons why you should not eat fast-food.
  23. Fast food and cooked food; what are the differences and why you prefer one of them?
  24. Industrial sand and why big companies use it to prepare food.