A List Of 10 College Essay Topics To Boost Your Creativity

As a teenager, you have the feeling that school will stop you from being creative. Most of the time, this is not true; you just don’t realize in how many ways you can express yourself. For example, writing essays will allow you not only to be innovative, but also to think about issues that were unknown for you before. Besides, you will learn new words and you will improve your vocabulary. It sounds fun, right? Then choose one of these topics and start writing:

  1. What animal you would like to be and why? Try to imagine what would you do, how would your life go and how would you feel. This will make you be more tolerant to animals and less scared of them.
  2. Imagine yourself as a president. It would be amazing to have the chance to help the country and to build new opportunities for people. What changes would you make in your city or country? Why?
  3. In what century would you like to live? Some of us dream about living in the future, while others would like to live a few hundreds of years back. History is fascinating if you have the time to find out more about it.
  4. Imagine a world where adults would be children and the other way around. How would things go?
  5. Write a letter for yourself in the future. You can write about your dreams and aspirations, advices that you would give to yourself and so on. This can really help you think about what you want to do in life.
  6. Try to picture a world without rules. People would be civilized if there would not be any laws and regulations? Children would still go to school?
  7. Put yourself in the skin of your parents. Would you be able to take care of the house, to go to work and to communicate with your family in the same time? Maybe you will value your parents even more.
  8. Living in space. There are many Sci-Fi books written on this subject, so you have a good source of inspiration. Is this a real possibility in the future?
  9. Waking up in another body. How would you contact your family and explain what happen? Would you just live your new life?
  10. Invent a new language and teach your colleagues some words.