What Freedom Means to Me: Fresh Ideas for Your Essay

We all have different cultural histories that make for the meaning of the term “freedom” different. For some it could mean a sense of commitment, pride and hope. For others it could represent a sense of honor, sacrifice, and memory. Today, many people take what our nation’s ancestors worked so hard to achieve for granted. The “What Freedom Means To Me” essay is a popular essay assigned as early as middle-school to challenge students’ minds when answering the question. Here are some fresh ideas you may want to consider for your essay:

  • Freedom of the Press and Censorship. Censorship still exists in many forms in the U.S., and in many ways the only freedom of the press that exists is one that ensures that criticism of the government will not be met with punishment. Is this true freedom then?
  • Why One Must Choose Freedom Over Equality. This isn’t as simple a question as one would think. Many believe the two are not mutually exclusive. To have one the other can’t be absolute. Is this true and in what ways is or isn’t it?
  • What Freedom Means In America Vs. The Rest of the World. Is the history of America and all of its supposed freedom true to what the founding fathers expected? Is America still a symbol of absolute freedom in the world? Was it ever?
  • The Faces of Freedom and Their Meaning. Different people will provide different definitions for what freedom means. What do the different meanings tell us about why so many people in the world still live without basic freedoms?
  • Keeping the Peace While Upholding Freedom. In order to protect freedoms for others, sometimes the military or the police must maintain public peace by using force. Is the cost to great for the alleged freedom we have?
  • The Values That Are Sacrificed For Freedom. Personal values may be sacrificed to uphold freedom for others in the country – lives, money, freedom, health, and emotions are given up. But is the cost greater than the reward?
  • Can One Have Freedom When Love Can Be Prohibited. If the freedom to love whoever one chooses can be denied by local, state or federal governments, can anyone really say that love is a freedom we all enjoy?
  • Freedom in the American Constitution. There are many basic freedoms as outlined in the Constitution. But what about freedoms that are implied but not guaranteed, can they be taken away?