An effective academic tutorial on how to come up with a great essay topic

Hi, welcome to my tutorial on how to find a great essay topic. We are going to discuss topics so original that your professor will be grateful that finally, someone has given him or her something original to read. Also, he or she will be grateful for you originality, inventiveness, and smarts.

See, a paper cannot go well—the writing will not come easily, unless you feel confident in your subject matter. I used to not write my papers until I had a. the perfect topic and b. the perfect title. By the time I came up with those two things—I was so proud of my title and concept that I could not wait to sit down and begin crafting this lovely essay that was sure to get and A++.

For example, let us say that you have to write an essay on the new raw milk craze. You might come up with something dramatic, like “Raw Milk: Myths, Facts, and the Fantastic Reality” or Milks Today: The Good, The Bad, the Raw, the Cooked and the Ugly.

See how you can create drama by your title alone?

Ideas for Memorable Experience Essays

  1. The Time I Crashed my BMW
  2. Telling A Lie is Sometimes Okay
  3. Going to Fancy Restaruants Can Mean Weird Food

Persuasive/Argumentative Essay topics

  1. We all Need to Take Action to Save Our Coral Reefs Now
  2. We All Need to Take Action to Save Our Polar Bears
  3. Why Everyone Should Stop Drinking Milk
  4. The Inhuman Dairy Industry
  5. Drinking Milk: It Can Be Hazardous to Your Health
  6. The Paleo Diet is the Only Way to Eat
  7. Why We Must Act To End Global Warming Now
  8. The Melting of the Polar Icecaps is Already Happening
  9. The Death Penalty is Not Morally Justified
  10. The Death Penalty is Fair for Those Who Kill
  11. School Uniforms are a Good Idea
  12. School Uniforms Do Not Allow Students to Express their Own Identity
  13. Children Should Not Have Cell Phones Until The Age of Fifteen
  14. Body Pierings Should Not Be Allowed In Teens
  15. Teen’s Curfews Should Be 11 p.m. Until the Age of 17

With the topics above, you can argue for any side, but argue for the one for which you have the most evidence.