Some Interesting Ideas to Help You Come up with Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics

To many the idea of writing an essay of any kind can seem overwhelming. An argumentative essay can be especially challenging since it requires the writer to have good working knowledge of not just one but both sides of an argument or debate. While a basic internet search will readily reveal hundreds of acceptable topics the key to an outstanding essay is the writer’s passion for the argument. Keeping that in mind there are several ways for you to come up with their perfect topic.

Personal Experience

  • Choose an argument that has had a direct effect on your life
  • Write down your viewpoint and supporting arguments
  • Find at least one family member or close friend with the opposite view
  • Debate the topic to better learn both sides

Attend a Town Hall Meeting

While a town hall meeting may not cover mainstream nationwide issues it can be a great source of arguments that are unique to your location. Some examples may be:

  • The proposed opening of a new super-store
  • Local elections
  • Increases in local taxes

Attend a Public Debate

Public debating may not be as widespread as it was in past centuries but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared completely. Almost all local and state universities teach philosophy and debate classes, both of which will require students and in some cases professors to showcase their abilities to argue and defend a point. Attending one of these events can be a great way to gain inspiration for a topic.

People Watch

It may seem a little strange at first to sit down and purposely listen in on the conversations going on around you but this can be one of the best ways to find out what issues the people around you are passionate about. When two people begin to argue about a hot topic they have a tendency to forget or simply ignore everyone else around them. You may hear them discussing an issue you have never heard of or you may gain new insight into one that you already know.

Use Social Media

Due to the anonymous nature of many social media sites individuals tend to be more open and energetic about high profile issues than they would be in person. These sites can also be a great source of lesser known issues since users like to share interesting information they find on the internet even if it is something that will never reach the mainstream media.

Anyone can pick an essay topic off a webpage and make it work but it won’t wow their audience. Finding a unique argument that you can argue passionately is the key to an outstanding paper.