Getting Proofread Examples of Short Essays: Helpful Offline Resources

School instructors often ask students to prepare short essays when they want to check their writing abilities quickly. Typically, such an assignment doesn’t require a student to build a complicated argument or develop a strong personal evaluation. However, the paper should be well structured, written on an interesting topic, based on credible sources, and formatted properly.

Getting high-quality proofread examples can help you prepare your own paper, so check the following useful offline resources:

  • Resources provided by your school writing lab.
  • This is the first place that you should visit. Teachers and staff collected examples of different academic assignments, including short essays. They selected high-quality papers that can be used as sample documents by students. It’s recommended to visit a lab and look through the catalogue to find out where the needed examples are located. However, if you can’t find what you need, you can contact a lab’s instructor and ask for assistance.

  • Materials in the educational section of the school library.
  • The school library often provides collections of checked and proofread educational materials, such as assignment samples, writing manuals with examples, vocabularies, and short essay composing recommendations. You can get hard copies or download most documents that is very useful, as you can study them whenever you need. However, you should use your library card in order to get access to some materials which are located in a document depository.

  • Short essay samples used by student study groups.
  • Student actively exchange sample works, so you can get plenty of different documents if you join a study group at your school. You should attend a group meeting at the library or writing lab. If you can’t get an appropriate example, you should ask your peers to send you a particular kind of assignment samples via an email later. It makes sense to specify that you need a proofread short essay, so you won’t have to deal with mistakes.

  • Sample works of professional academic writers.
  • You can get free proofread examples of short essays prepared by professional writers who work for writing agencies or independently. Either way, they demonstrate how strong assignments should be written and formatted. Pay special attention to the documents’ structure and references. Though most professional writers offer online services, you can find a traditional writing agency in your area, go there, talk to a manger, and look through sample papers. If you are satisfied with their quality, you can buy several sample short essays to study them carefully.