Debatable Essay Topics You Might Not Have Thought Of Already

Whenever a debate project comes up in class, many students moan and groan because it is often very boring to listen to the same old debate topics. To keep you and your classmates more interested, try to debate a topic that is not so common. The easiest way to find a good topic is to think of something that most people think of as completely normal. Then imagine a world where it could be different. A more unique debate custom essays will have a topic that has not even occurred to the readers because it is so mundane and taken for granted. Here are listed some interesting debate topic titles and possible subtopics.

Family and Children

  • The number of children should be restricted
  • Sex-selection of children should be banned
  • DNA selection should be banned/allowed (This is new technology that allows those who can afford it the ability to choose certain traits such as eye color, also known as “designer babies”)
  • Sperm or egg donors should/should not have legal rights to contact/have knowledge of their offspring

Elective Plastic Surgery

  • Elective plastic surgery should be available to all who can afford it
  • Elective plastic surgery should be banned by the government
  • Elective plastic surgery candidates should have to pass psychological screening


  • Voting should be available to all citizens
  • Voting should be restricted
    • The very elderly shouldn’t be allowed to vote because they have no stake in the future
    • Teenagers should be allowed to vote because they have a large stake in the future
    • The incarcerated should be allowed to vote
    • Voter ID laws should all be struck down
    • Expatriates should not be allowed to vote


  • Homework
    • Homework time should be legally restricted
    • Homework should be banned
    • Homework must be mandatory
  • Classroom
    • Classrooms should be abolished and students should study with a personal tutor
    • Class sizes should become larger to promote social awareness
    • Corporal punishment in school should be allowed
  • Sports
    • School-sponsored sports teams should be abolished
    • Physical Education classes should be mandatory

Religion and Society

  • Secularism should be legally mandated in public spaces
    • Religious symbols and dress should be banned in government buildings
    • Religious holidays should be replaced with secular titles
  • Religion should be allowed in public spaces (schools, government offices, etc.)
    • All religious holidays of any religion constituting more than 1% of the local population should be observed as a public holiday

Advertising and Marketing

  • Advertisements should be banned from public spaces such as roads, buildings, busses, radio, and public television screens.
  • Marketing companies should be allowed to advertise anywhere, to anyone, and at any time.