Using Reflective Essay Examples For Writing A Strong Paper

Working with a sample reflective essay is one of the best academic tools a student can have. A sample paper will show you how to best present your argument. It will show you what evidence is most compelling in your paper and what style you should use when writing your final draft. If you find a sample on a similar topic to your paper, you might be able to use some of the sources that they reference in your paper. This will save you a great deal of time trying to research and locate peer-reviewed journals or a highly academic content. In addition to giving you potential sources, looking over sample paper gives your insight into what is expected of you. For example, if you use a sample paper that your teacher gave you, you can see exactly what grade they received and what the teacher had to say about their work. If the paper and you are reviewing received a mediocre grade, you can look at what your teacher had to say about it and learn from their mistakes. Perhaps the student earned a mediocre grade because they failed to properly cite your sources. Perhaps they are in a mediocre grade because they did not have enough evidence. If you can see why they earned a grade that they did, you can be sure to avoid that same mistake when you write your paper.

If you are looking for a sample paper there are many places that you can turn.

  • The first place that you can turn to is your teacher or professor. Your teacher or professor is one of the best sources you have to gain information and tools like a sample. Your teachers the person who assigned you the topic in the first place and therefore they are the most qualified to give you the assistance that you need. Chances are this is not an assignment that they have never assigned before which means that they have previously written papers completed by other students which they can provide for you.
  • If your teacher is unable to help you another place you can turn is your textbook. Many textbooks will have samples of writing assignments that you must complete in the back of the book. They might also have a sample located on the publisher’s website which you can use as a guide.