The Key to Selecting an Excellent Persuasive Essay Topic

The key to selecting an excellent persuasive essay topic is to choose a controversial topic that you feel very strongly about. Persuasive essays are designed to have you take a stand on a topic and then persuade your audience to agree with your stand. It is an excellent way to get students to start providing solid evidence to support their claims. When writing a persuasive essay and any essay, the main point is to prove your thesis. However, some people forget that you not only have to prove this thesis statement but you have to make sure that you also back up your claims.

Backing up your claims

A persuasive essay is a great device to help students learn how to back up their claims. When writing an essay, you can’t just make claims. You have to follow through with explaining to your audience why you believe these claims. Persuasive essays are designed to do just that. You have to make a claim supporting one side of an issue or another and then prove to your audience that your side of the issue is correct. You take your supporting claims and explain them thoroughly so that your reader understands the reasons why you made them.

Why choose a controversial topic?

Controversial issues are ones that have just as many supporters as they do the opposition. The most controversial issues are one that have the same or close to the same people on either side of the debate. These make great topics for controversial issues because they have a strict line already drawn for you to choose a side and they have a lot of evidence to support both sides. Some examples of controversial issues include abortion, euthanasia, animal testing, marijuana legalization, same sex marriages, and fur fashion.

Why can’t I write about a topic that I sit the fence on?

You want to have a strong conviction for the side of the topic that you have chosen for your paper. You don’t want one where you sit the fence. It’s okay to sit the fence, but it’s not okay to write a persuasive paper on a topic that you don’t even believe fully in. For example, if you think that a women who has been raped has the right to abort her baby and not anyone else, this is not a good topic to choose. You have to be all in on the side you choose.