10 Catchy Cause And Effect Essay Topics Related To History

When your teacher wants you to analyze the potentials and effects of a given issue or thing, he or she would ask your class to write cause and effects essay. In writing this academic paper, you are expected to tell your teacher what gave rise to the issue and the outcome of such issue or action. In this case, you have been assigned to write on history and while it seemed to be an easy task in the beginning, you have suddenly found yourself in a dilemma. This is because you have not been able to come up with tangible topics for your academic paper.

If this is the situation, here are 10 catchy cause and effect topics related to history that would make good topics for your history essay. They are as follows:

  1. The Soviet Union – What were the causes of its collapse and what were the effects?
  2. What gave rise to the Treaty of Versailles of 1919 and what effects did it have on those concerned?
  3. An analysis of the causes and effects of the Salem witch trials
  4. The Pearl Harbour attack and World War II – Analyzing its causes and effects
  5. The Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s – An analysis of the cause and effects on the citizens
  6. Hitler and Stalin’s pact – Understanding the cause and effect
  7. What gave rise to the invasion of Britain by the Romans and what were the effects?
  8. What were the causes of the Arab Spring uprisings and what were the effects on women’s rights?
  9. How was peace and stability achieved in Northern Ireland and what were the effects on the economy?
  10. What gave rise to the continued growth of opium harvesting and how has it affected the world over time?

When you are assigned to write an essay on any historical topics, you should never cut corners when it comes to carrying out adequate research. Apart from sourcing for information on the internet, you should also take your time to visit the library to gather reliable information to enable you write an authoritative academic paper. Always make sure that dates, statistics and facts are properly cross-checked for accuracy. This is especially applicable to historical events that occurred when you were not yet born. You need more than mere hovering of your mouse and a few clicks to gather enough data to portray a true story.