Where to Look for the Best Examples of an Argumentative Essay

Having an example essay can sometimes make all the difference between struggling through your paper only to receive a low grade and writing your paper easily and receiving a high grade. Where can you find reliable examples for an argumentative essay? Here are three great places to look!

  • An older sibling or family member. If you have an older sister or brother, or cousin or even parent, who has been in school already, chances are they’ve written an argumentative essay before. This can be a great resource if they’ve kept copies of their schoolwork. Whether they got a good grade or a bad grade, you can learn something from their paper. If they got a bad grade, you can learn what NOT to do. If they got a good grade, you can model your paper after theirs. Ask around your family: even though your older relatives, like parents, uncles, and aunts, haven’t been in school in a long time, a good paper is a good paper no matter how old it is.
  • Your teacher. Your teacher will probably have a great resource available for you; they may even have old student papers that you can study to find out exactly what they are looking for. The good thing about asking your teacher is that they can give you a tailor-made example of what sorts of essays do well in their class. Some teachers like to see that you can think outside the box, while other teachers are mostly concerned with your writing style and clarity. Seeing your teacher’s favorite essays from years past is a great way to know exactly what you should focus on in your essay to get a good grade.
  • Your library. Whether its your school library or a public library in your town, this institution offers a lot more than just free wi-fi! Ask your librarian to show you the section on writing; there have been tons and tons of books written on how to write essays of all styles. Some books will include examples for different types of essays, while other books might focus specifically on the argumentative essay. Besides just great examples, these books will often offer you a lot of hints, tips, and tricks that can help make writing an essay a walk in the park. Don’t underestimate your librarian either; tell him or her about your grade level and writing ability, and you can be sure they’ll find the best book for you. After all, that’s their job!