Finding A Decent Opinion Essay Example: Questions And Answers

You may be wondering what an opinion essay topic is. It's a piece of writing that allows you to display your own views on a given subject. This type of paper is also termed as controversial. This is because people's views vary. You are required to present details in support of your view.

How to find

Opinion essays are numerous in numbers. A certain topic may end up evolving a number of other subjects for discussion. A descent topic should evoke your thoughts and feelings. Another resourceful area is on the internet or people's conversations.

Writing a term paper

For your paper to be successful, it should include an introduction, body and conclusion. Decide whether to go for or against a given subject, then give your views. Your paragraphs should be well developed with good use of sentence linking words, phrases and grammar.

Below is a list of custom questions with possible answers:

  1. Should a kid's behavior be entirely a teacher's role? In this case, it wholly depends on whom you support; is it the teachers, parents, society or all. If you oppose or agree to this, give supporting reasons. For example, a kid first learns from their parents before joining school. So why should parents neglect their role once the child joins school? What teachers and society do is to offer a helping hand in molding a child.
  2. Knowledge can be acquired from books or experience. Which has the greatest impact? We all learn in different ways. For some, what they read will entirely remain in their minds while for others experience works better. Give views on both sides and the percentage of their impact. You may try to argue out why experience is the best teacher, as the saying goes.
  3. Should attending classes for University students be optional or compulsory? In this case, both have its pros and cons and none can easily be ruled out. Give out your view on the subject. Also, include the merits and demerits of each and factors that could result to either situation.
  4. Do you think it's sometimes good to not always tell the truth? This question will cover even the religious doctrines. Tackle situations that could actually result you to agree or decline this statement as well as the consequences.

Note: These papers require people to freely express their reasoning. Therefore, do not try and diminish anyone's opinions.