Writing A 6th Grade Narrative Essay: Great Ideas From An Expert

A narrative essay is a paper in which you have to tell a story. It needs to be full of vivid descriptions and details, to help your reader actually picture the story. It can actually be quite a fun type of paper to write. If you need to compose a narrative essay, this handy guide will explain exactly how you need to do it.

Step 1: Choose a great topic

Before you can start working on your paper, you need to choose a fantastic topic to cover. Your topic needs to be something that you’re really interested in, as this will make it much easier for you to compose an entire paper about it. It will also make it easier for you to make your actual story very engaging for your reader.

Step 2: Tell your story

Now that you have an excellent topic, you can get started on your story. Remember that you need to make it as interesting as possible for your reader, so use lots of vivid descriptions and descriptive words. You also need to make sure that your story makes sense, which means that it needs to tell your story in a logical way. So, don’t jump back and forth from one time to another, rather tell it in the order in which it happened.

Step 3: Check your work

After you’ve finished your story, and adjusted the words to your liking, you need to check your work. Carefully read through your paper to see if you’ve made any mistakes, and correct them if you have.

Step 4: Ask your parents to check your work, too

Finally, you can ask one of your parents, or even an older sibling or grandparent, to read through your work for you. They can also check for any mistakes, like you did in the previous step. Who knows, they may just find a mistake that you missed.

A few good ideas

Now that you know how to compose your paper, you can have a look through these great ideas for a narrative essay:

  • The best day of your life
  • The first time you met your best friend
  • The day your younger sibling was born
  • Your favourite holiday

Now that you know how to go about composing a narrative essay, you can start working on your own. And have fun while you do it!