How Do You Compose An Essay On Why It Is Better To Be Underrated Than Overrated?

This can be a tricky topic to write about although it is an extremely interesting one as well; mainly difficult because the thesis of the essay goes against natural human assumption that it is far better to be overrated. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Begin with general human psychology: This is a great point to begin with; how human psychology is ingrained to ask for praise and thus everyone assumes that they'd rather be overrated than completely ignored and underrated. You could also do some research on how being underrated has negative psychological effects on people as well, and discourages them from continuing their work.
  • Give real-life examples: This should be the main focus of your essay in order to make it more authentic. Do your research on real-life success stories of people who were underrated or ignored in their careers or achievements at the outset but have managed to come out of their ordeals shining. This is a great website you can look through if you want some inspiration on the kind of examples you can use in your paper.
  • Identifiable: You could also include a section in your essay on how people who are the underdogs are more identifiable to the general public. These people portrayed in popular media such as in books and movies are the ones who are much more inspiring. Their stories are relatable and believable to ordinary people who are also struggling to make a mark.
  • Look for research studies: There are some research studies that have been conducted on what actually works in building success stories. Look in your library or online for the data collected on people who have been studied by research groups to see what helps in making them successful - is it being overrated and applauded or being underrated and then how they rose above it.
  • Long term success: More often than not, people who have been overrated have a rise-and-fall pattern to their success; identify the examples of those people who may have been underrated but have maintained a steady stream of success throughout their lifetime.

This can be a very interesting read if you are able to structure your essay well and provide trustworthy references and citations to your paper. Once you begin your essay, you will find that there is actually a lot of convincing data available that supports this theory.