A List Of Great Free Essay Topics For Middle School

When children are in middle school, they are starting to have to write their own essays. This is part of them developing their communicative and writing skills, as well as their research styles and abilities. These are some of the first of many experiences where students will do research and write on a specific topic. Unfortunately, expecting them to come up with a topic on their own, although quite unfair to them at this age, is very common from teachers that expect a level of maturity not all pre-teens have.

It is not cheating, nor will it hinder the purpose of the activity to give your child a topic. Helping them find a general topic, and brainstorm on the possible ramifications and paths they can explore to narrow it down, is a great way to promote research and writing excellence. Below, you will find a few topics that can be used and suggestions on how to develop them.


    Students in middle school find themselves in a stage where getting to know who they really are and exploring themselves is very important. Whether in retrospect or thinking about the future, writing about their growth is a great way to help them in this aspect. They can write about:

  • Their childhood and why they think it has helped them become who they are.
  • A 5 to 10-year life-plan. Where they want to be ten years from now, how they expect to get there and why they want to be there. Thinking in a mid to long-term ay can also help them realize what they want.
  • How the semester, year, course or whatever, has helped them improve certain aspects of their lives. (Organization, social skills, etc.)

Personal heroes

  • Defining personal heroes and why they admire a person is a good way for children to see what skills and characteristics they value most.
  • Who is your hero? Why?
  • If you could spend a day with whomever you want to, who would it be and why?

Based on a class and its topics

Help your child find a theme from their subjects that they would like to know more about. Help them build a mind map around it and what they know. Let them choose what section they would like to know more about and let them do research on it.

The most important part of this process is encouraging the child to write and help them correct mistakes both for grammar and spelling and for style. Letting them deliver a quality essay that they wrote on their own and get good feedback and results will boost their confidence and help them later on in life to not dread papers so much.