How To Compose An Interesting 4th Grade Persuasive Essay

The 4th grade can be exciting! You're learning all kinds of new things. You will be required to write plenty of essays throughout your school years. There are different types of essays, but you already know which one you're writing, so that's one less thing you have to worry about.

Persuasive essays should give your teachers (or classmates) insight to another point of view. You will want to influence them to listen to and accept your perspective.

There are so many topics to choose from! You should find one that you feel strongly about and go from there. The next thing you will have to learn is the writing process. This will change and develop over time, so it's a good idea to get used to it. But don't worry, it's easy once you know the steps.

First, you have to start with a statement that lets your audience know what your essay is about and what your point of view is on the subject. This can be done in the first sentence of your paper.

The following paragraphs should tell your readers all about your topic and convince them to see things your way. You don't have to argue, just keep it simple and tell them why they should listen to you and why they should be interested in your opinion.

For example, if you were to write about why people need fresh, clean water, it can be simple and easy to convince people of the benefits. You can state facts if your topic calls for it and use your own point of view.

Your paper should be clear about what you stand for or against. If you are for recycling, explain why it's a good thing. If you are against junk food, explain why it's a bad thing. You can convince people to make a change (what is sometimes referred to as a call-to-action) or support a cause!

In your closing paragraph, you should remind your audience why they should agree with you. Depending on your topic, you may be able to create sympathy for your cause, which will help your argument.

If you are unsure of your topic and need some help to come up with one, you can always ask your friends or a family member for some ideas. Just be sure to use one that you like. Think about things that you find interesting and things you like to talk about. If you find it interesting, your classmates will probably feel the same way!