18 Fresh Ideas For Problem Solution Essay: Topics For High School

If you are concerned about a problem, and you want to find solutions to it, writing an essay on that topic could be a great way to do it. You can analyze all the information, organize it and see why other solutions did not work. Besides, you can help your colleagues understand why this issue is so important; this, of course, if you can make them listen to you. If you don’t know what topic to choose, take a look at this list:

  1. Surveillance cameras. In many parts of the world the streets are watched by governmental cameras; naturally, some people started to consider this as a problem. How can the government supervise the streets without violating our privacy?
  2. Discrimination in schools. It is easy to understand why we need to solve this issue as soon as possible. Present some ideas that are applicable in your school.
  3. Legalization of gay marriage. It is a sensitive issue so many students avoid to use it as a topic. However, it can make everyone interested in what you have to say.
  4. Gun control. As you know, in the USA it is completely legal to own a gun. This is why so many incidents happen every year, and innocent people get hurt. How can the government solve this?
  5. Drinking and driving. It might seem like a boring topic, but it’s not. Even if there are so many campaigns on this issue, a solution was not yet found.
  6. Teenage pregnancy. This phenomenon is more and more common in Europe. Is there any way to make sure that teenage girls will avoid pregnancy?
  7. Underage drinking. Even if, theoretically, it is prohibited to sell alcohol to minors, many stores still do it. Do you think that we need more severe laws regarding this matter?
  8. Anxiety. This is very common among young adults in our society; is there any way to prevent it?
  9. Water pollution. How can we make sure that we reduce the level of pollution?
  10. . Personal details security. When we use the Internet, all our information can be found by hackers.
  11. How can you make your city bicycle friendly?
  12. Terrorism. Is there anything that the public can do to fight against it?
  13. Rehabilitation of criminals. What methods we can apply to make them active members of the society?
  14. Verbal violence. It can hurt more than physical violence, especially if we are talking about children and teenagers.
  15. Pornography. Should the government allow companies to make such movies?
  16. Human traffic. Present some simple solutions to this that can be applied by your colleagues.
  17. Online dating. Anyone can hide behind a screen; what can we do to be sure that our online friend is a real, trustworthy person?
  18. Unemployment. Is it easy to find a job in your country?