How to Recognize a Good Essay Writing Service

With hundreds of essay writing services around the world, it can be hard to know for sure whether a company you hire is reliable and trustworthy. Some companies don’t offer refunds while others don’t hire the professional writers they claim to. This is why we’ve come up with a few tips to help you recognize the good essay writing services:

Verifiable Certifications

Many writing services will post various types of certification badges indicating their legitimacy in this type of business. Unfortunately, it’s easy to simply just copy and paste an image on a site in order to attract potential clients. So how do you know if a writing service has in fact earned a particular certification? Check directly with the issuing agency. Take some time to verify a company’s claims by email or calling the agency that administers a certification and ask about the writing service’s standings there. Doing this can save you from a miserable experience. Any business willing to lie about their certifications is certainly not worth the risk.

Excellent Independent Reviews

Just like any company can post whatever certifications they like, so too can they post whatever reviews (real or not) they desire. This is why it’s important that you check reviews posted on independent customer websites. Be sure to check more than just one site. Also, you can never find out enough about a company by reading just a few comments so read more than just a handful. Beware of comments that are “positive” but brief that don’t really get into details. Aside from not being very helpful these can sometimes be placed there by a company itself to give the appearance that it has several satisfied customers.

High Search Engine Ranking

You’re probably aware that one of the ways search engines rank sites is by relevancy as well as how many times a site is visited. While this doesn’t speak to a company’s services, it does provide some hint as to which companies are viewed more often than others. While you still have to do some guesswork, you can be sure that the companies that rank higher are more likely to be hired than the others. This in turn means that you should have an easier time finding more than a few reviews about the services on other sites. While this metric alone isn’t entirely effective, combined with the two tips listed above should paint a clearer picture.