Composing A Good Conclusion For A Definition Essay

The definition essay is one of the most difficult to write. You have to take a definition of a word or phrase and then unveil it in an essay length paper. It is not easy. The last piece of the paper is one of the most important. You want to have a strong and solid conclusion. Use our tips and hints for composing a good conclusion for a definition essay.

Tips for Composing a Strong and Good Conclusion
  • Universal statement-the universal statement is a phrase or concept that everyone can understand. If you just defined the word catalyst, you can compare it to the baking powder in a cake. Most people should be able to understand the universal statement. This statement is vital to the close of the definition essay.
  • Summary-the summary is not a complete retelling of the paper. It should not go one for half of a page. It is quick, concise, and precise. It should be three to four short sentences at the most. Having more than that is not necessary at all.
  • No new material-you may have just discovered the best detail on your definition word, but unless you have included it within the body of the paper, do not use it. Do not add any new material with in the last paragraph. Resist the urge to do so.
  • Restate thesis-the thesis statement must be written again. However, it must be re-phrased. The same idea is relayed and the same main points exist, but the thesis statement is restated again. If you want, you can make it several sentences. Composing the thesis statement is vital to making a good close.
  • Re-define the word-you will want to re-define your word or your statement. You can do this with just one sentence. It can be short and simple. You do not need to give any new examples for this part of the essay.

This style of paper is tough to write, but the end is rather standard. It is not tricky and involves no new techniques or concepts. You will want to have a universal statement, include the summary, give no new material, restate the thesis, and give the meaning of the word one more time. As you look to make this section of the paper perfect, use our tips for composing a good conclusion for your definition essay.