The Top 10 Best Informative Essay Topics for College

Writing an informative essay is your chance to make a good impression on both your peers and professors. Use this assignment as an opportunity to build a reputation for yourself. This will help you get better grades and maybe even get away with some minor mischief.

In order to be impressive, your essay must be interesting, original, and relevant. Unfortunately, it might be difficult to choose a topic for this kind of paper. If you are out of fresh ideas, take a look at the following list of subjects:

  1. The value of higher education in life.
  2. Does college really help you succeed? Why do some people who drop out of school still achieve greatness while others do not?

  3. The influence of multiracial education on racial discrimination.
  4. Do multiracial schools promote the spirit of unity? Should there be some cultural classes added to the curriculum to reduce the level of racial discrimination? Suggest other measures promoting the spirit of unity among students.

  5. Do anti-terrorist policies actually promote terrorism?
  6. What drives the terrorists? What anti-terrorist policies are in place in your country? How do they help?

  7. Does increasing the level of security in the airports violate personal freedom rights?
  8. List the security measures enforced by the airports. Are they too restrictive?

  9. On-campus sexual assault: How to prevent it.
  10. What measures does your campus take to avoid sexual assaults? Do you have any ideas that will be more efficient?

  11. The moral condition of using cheap labor from the underdeveloped countries.
  12. Do some calculations to determine how much money the factory workers from the underdeveloped countries must be paid to put their salaries on par with the people who possess the same qualifications in the developed countries. How will increasing their salaries affect the global economy?

  13. Bullying should be considered a crime.
  14. Compare the disciplinary punishments for bullying with the legal measures courts take when an individual accuses another of an assault. Explain why bullying and assault are the same.

  15. Exams are not an accurate measurement of students’ abilities.
  16. Offer your opinion on this subject and some evidence to support it. How should institutions evaluate students’ progress if they abolish exams?

  17. Fast food should be banned in America.
  18. Obesity has become such a serious problem that it is considered an epidemic in the U.S. Explain how this issue relates to fast food. What consequences will this ban have on the economy?

  19. Children should not be allowed to surf the Internet unsupervised.
  20. What dangers does the Web present to kids? How can you teach a child to avoid them?