10 Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas For University Students

Descriptive essays are usually considered one of the easiest essays for students to write. Everyone possesses the skill to describe an event, emotion, experience, person, place, or object in vivid detail. It is often a favorite of students because they have complete creative freedom in getting their audience fully immersed with the words on the page.

Use the most elaborate and vividly colorful language possible when writing a descriptive essay. Use your senses as well to describe how things smell, feel, look, taste, and sound. Think about using your emotions as well. Try to make the reader feel exactly what you are. Keeping these points in mind while you are writing, here are 10 great descriptive essay topics for university students:

  • The scene of an accident: Consider how the accident may have happened, what you witnessed, and who was there to help.
  • A dream vacation: Since you have never been there, this will all be from your imagination anyway. Think about including how the air smells, your surroundings (ocean, bustling city, cascading mountains, etc.), and how you feel to be there.
  • A life altering experience: This doesn't have to be something sad, it could be the day you got married, when your little sister was born, or how you reacted to 9-11.
  • The bathroom at a highway truck stop: You never know what can be found in a truck stop restroom. Write about everything you see, smell, and hear.
  • Life in a big city: Discuss how quickly everything moves, how there never seems to be time to just enjoy the day, and mention the enormous buildings everywhere.
  • The emergency room at your local hospital: What do you see when you walk into the ER? Are nurses and doctors frantically rushing here and there? Are adults screaming and children crying?
  • An inspiring view: What makes this view inspiring? What can you see? How do you feel?
  • The first day of university: What was it like when you first stepped foot on campus? Did you get lost? Were other students friendly?
  • The worst day of your life: This does not have to be sad either. It can simply be a series of unfortunate events that all culminate in you having a horrible day.
  • Getting lost in a new city: How did you get lost? How did you get found? Were you scared or excited?